Hi, I'm Judy!

I hope you don't mind but I have a question for you.  When was the last time you were  photographed? 

If you were like my old self, you were probably avoiding the camera for a long time.  Somehow, I thought that I have to be a certain size, shape and appearance before I can step out of my shadow and have my photograph taken.  

It took a healthy dose of self-reflection for me to realize that I am good enough as I am.  I realized that I only have one life so I should live it on my own terms, set my goals based on my bigger purpose and believe in myself enough to walk away from anything or anyone that doesn't bring me joy anymore.  I think that is the greatest form of self-love


I am an engineer by education so naturally, I am always interested in the latest innovation. Little did I know that the biggest innovation I will encounter is the one with my SELF, as I pivot towards my creative purpose and embark on a mission to help empower women to celebrate themselves through portraiture. 

I have photographed weddings, engagements, seniors and families on the side for years.  I documented love stories and captured  connections between people who care deeply about each other. It was clear even then that creating beautiful portraits is my happy place.  I believe in the power of a photograph to remind us of who we are, where we came from and make us realize that we are worthy of our dreams.

I want to help you reconnect with your soul and step into your purpose by reflecting back what I see, a beautiful human being who may be flawed but have the strength to look fear in the eye and say, "I am not done yet so kindly step aside."  Let me be part of your own self-innovation.  Having gone through it myself, I can understand the feeling of wanting more and of wanting to be more. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate or community leader, professional, passionate artist, hardworking mother and wife, we all need to be reminded that we are worthy enough to exist in a photograph.  It would be an honor to photograph you and create a portrait that will make you fall in love with yourself all over again.

My personal promise is to give you an amazing experience and help you start your journey back to yourself.  My biggest reward will be to watch you shine in your own power and light.

If you are tired of holding yourself back, I invite you to fill out the short consultation form below so we can talk and start planning your session.  This experience may just transform the way you see yourself!

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